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IndexPGH Offers Enhanced Public Safety Data in Partnership with the City of Pittsburgh

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Partnering to Bring Up-to-Date Crime Data to IndexPGH


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IndexPGH launched in August with a commitment to making robust data on the state of downtown readily available to everyone in the community. In keeping with the commitment, IndexPGH has partnered with the City of Pittsburgh to incorporate the new Pittsburgh police dashboard into the digital platform.

In today's fast-paced, data-centric landscape, the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police has taken a commendable leap forward with the launch of their new police data portal. Accessible to every resident, this portal provides a comprehensive snapshot of reported crimes citywide. Yet, as any thriving metropolis does, Pittsburgh keeps changing, bringing forth the need for such tools to be fluid and responsive.

Initially, manual monthly updates will feed the portal, sourcing directly from the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police's records management system. The dashboard allows users to use four filters to view crime data from geographic police zones to crime types. The omission of violent sexual crimes and any personally identifiable information ensures privacy and security.

While public sentiment on this novel portal varies, two major concerns have consistently emerged: the data's potential to breed unease and its actual efficacy in deterring crime. This calls for a shift from merely making data available to making it actionable.

The addition of the portal to IndexPGH is part of the ongoing commitment by the host of partners working on the project to ensure the platform offers a more timely reflection of safety in downtown Pittsburgh. The roadmap includes transitioning to a near-live data stream, thus allowing faster responses to budding crime trends and encouraging preventive actions.

As Chief Larry Scirotto aptly put it, the portal drives "accountability through transparency," which is foundational for a trust-based relationship between law enforcement and the public.

As downtown Pittsburgh charts its future, vibrant and expanding, the imperative is clear: tools must evolve with the times. Due to a solid partnership among downtown stakeholders including the City of Pittsburgh, IndexPGH is poised to do just that. The ultimate vision? A Pittsburgh that's not only safer and more informed but also one where data stands as a beacon of empowerment and protection for its denizens.


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